Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


ngl a lot of these opinions are pretty widespread aside from maybe the Kendrick and Future ones

edit: ok dis sarcasm




i had no idea

(I thought this was also a CMV thread for the popular opinions)

  1. Only people who dont really agree with this are the few think section .80 is great and those are the select few that can stomach listening to the middle of the album

  2. Every fucking person alive thinks this (even tho i prefer Honest) everyone talks about how his lead up with Beast Mode/Monster/56 Nights then dropping DS2 was his best period and how ET, Evol, and Purple Reign aren't as good

  3. Ok this actually unpopular, i find that people prefered rap Drake over singing Drake until about IYRTITL but nowadays I'd agree with this... also NWTS my fav Drake album so i'm also biased

  4. Most people I know that love Malibu dont care/havent heard Venice, and most only listen to select songs bc the album bores them (I only go back to Luv You, Milk N Honey, and Already on a regular basis). You just strong in your opinion but its not that crazy/new

  5. Does anyone really care about them now? Are we already in said future? lol

  6. just like the last statement we're already at that point

  7. k so are we just stating facts now or...

  8. I guess so

yeah dis a joke


I honestly see almost all of those as pretty commonly accepted on /r/hiphopheads, not controversial at all for the most part, and then others are pretty obvious (the one about NORE, Silkk, etc)

edit: nvm


Real unpopular opinion: Gucci Mane is not that good


Meek Mill is not a good rapper, DWMTM is a prime example because all his features outclass him

Big Sean got popular off of a Tyga remix feat. Nicki Minaj, he is boring and easily the weakest link of G.O.O.D. Music

The new trap music sucks because its basically the same few rhythmic patterns and looped patterns, it is not good musically, making lyrics WAY MORE IMPORTANT AND THEY USUALLY SUCK AS WELL

Nas killed Jay-Z on Ether, which is why Jay can never be a great


tyga's on G.O.O.D now, so Sean is definitely not the weakest link. 3 depends on how you define "the new trap music".

  1. Ready to Die is not that good.

  2. Life After Death is even worse.

  3. Illmatic isn't the best album from 1994.

  4. West Coast hip hop has never been able to compete with East Coast lyrically.

  5. Del is top 10 OAT contender.

  6. Liquid Swords is boring.

7.Yessir Whatever is the best Quas album

8.XXX is the worst Danny Brown project.



the rest i understand tho


I think so honestly. I've been meaning to take yet another stab at xxx soon, so maybe I'll change my mind


fuck out of here with 1 and 2

3 is correct, Ready to Die was better

4 is absolutely right

don't know enough about Del

for 6, I get it but first of all how dare you

for 7, haven't heard it

haven't heard enough danny tbh

  1. not true

  2. nope

  3. I can see why

  4. nope

  5. I agree, Kool Keith, too

  6. no

  7. all Quas albums are great

  8. deadass wrong


Examples here: same


tbh i'm not sure that the drum kits are entirely identical but i see what you mean. i don't think i agree that the similarity in sound means that lyrics are more important (a lot of it may sound pretty similar but i think that the sound is actually pretty good on its own).

that said listening to young thug for anything other than the vocals is basically pointless (that may be an unpopular opinion). i personally love his vocals but i can understand someone else not liking them. honestly i like the vocals of a lot of the "new trap" rappers (21, future, young thug), which i think is the defining factor that makes them good. hence why i don't like yachty.


I think that the over-saturation of these sounds, along with the lack of musical artistry outside of the vocal department, are why trap is succeeding with so many new artists, and why they will all not have longevity.


anyone could be travis scott. nigga don't produce . give anyone from this page that equipment and they could make the same shit. it pisses me off how hard i tok to A-Team


Weeknd discography in order (best to worst)
1. OG house of balloons (Aaliyah what you need sample)
2. Echoes of Silence
3. Thursday
4. Kissland

Drake should have at least 5 grammys and i believe he doesn't have any because he doesn't attend


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I don't think that's an unpopular opinion, I agree 100% that without Fantano they'd be much less popular, but in saying that, while I enjoy their music I think they are severely overrated and probably don't deserve the amount of acclaim they have gotten.


Control System is as good as Good Kid Maad City