Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


Mr Wonderful is one of the best albums of 2015


Asher Roth is criminally underrated.


I don't think I've heard anything from him since seeing his "I Love College" music video on tv. He seemed like a big cornball. Does he have any projects you'd recommend?


lil wayne is the rakim of mumble rap.


Ghostface is the most overrated Wu member


wew lad

I can understand that though I guess


I think Jay-Z very overrated.

Very very happy to be proven wrong.

  • Maxo Kream is the best trap artist out right now and soon will become a recognizable figure in trap like Migos, Future and Young Thug, if he doesn’t get caught by the feds :blacyoungsta:

  • YG, Jay Rock and Big K.R.I.T. are pretty mediocre talent wise

  • Colouring Book was actually a really good project with a few meh tracks (Smoke Break, Juke Jam, All We Got)

  • Blank Face is better than Oxymoron as a project

  • To Pimp A Butterfly is better than GKMC as a project

  • Joey Bada$$ doesn’t bite from 90’s rappers on B4.Da.$$, it’s just a modern take on boom bap in general.

  • Joey’s next project will be disappointing but still decent

  • Kirk Knight will soon develop his own sound to become another key ProEra member

  • Most of the guys past Steez, Joey and Kirk on ProEra aren’t great

  • King Push will be Pusha’s first misstep as a project (hopefully I am wrong)

  • Desiigner is just straight up bad


300% facts






woops confused them mb

  • To Pimp a Butterfly, I Don't Like Shit, Cherry Bomb, Honor Killed the Samurai > the rest of the respective artist's discographies
  • Real is one of the best songs on Good Kid, Maad City
  • CLPPNG > Yeezus
  • Shadow of a Doubt > Piñata (by a small margin)
  • Fast rapping is garbage (unless it's done by Daveed Diggs)
  • El P is just as good as Killer Mike in terms of rapping ability
  • Prima Donna > Summertime '06 (as a cohesive project)
  • 21 Savage ain't that bad


Absurdly frequent ad-libs should be credited more to people like Jeezy and Waka Flocka Flame. Chief Keef is hugely influential right now, but the ad-lib overuse has been a thing since "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" came out.


Blank Face LP is boring, rarely get past the half-way point
Gucci Mane is influential but not as amazing as people treat him on HHH, I could never listen to more than 3 of his projects on a more than twice a year basis


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1-3: idk
4: Blank Face had some good tracks but I don't think I would put it above Oxymoron.
5: True
6-9: idk
10: I don't think it will be bad. Probably not as good as MNIMN but not actually bad per se. It really depends on what he can do with the tracks that we haven't heard yet. Circles isn't worse than Let Me Love You, DDA is really good but not on the level of the best tracks on MNIMN, and HGTV will really depend on how well it fits into the album. Assuming he keeps Circles for radio play, having all the other tracks be DDA-level quality and having HGTV fit in would put it on the same level as MNIMN as a project for me. On the other hand, if he tries too much to get radio play, it will be shit.
11: no

  1. True
  2. It's a lot better than a lot of people give it credit for
  3. True
  4. idk
  5. Usually, yeah
  6. I mean I'm not sure I'd say I agree with this but I'm also not sure I'd say I disagree with this
  7. I should listen to Prima Donna one of these days
  8. True


Everything Kendrick put out before GKMC is not really good, but shows potential.

DS2 is Future's best work, and also the start of his decline.

Drake is a better rapper than singer, and NWTS is miles ahead of Take Care, probably his best work.

Venice does not even compare to Malibu, Venice is 3/10, Malibu is 8/10

No one is gonna care about N.O.R.E., Silkk, Big Pun, Fat Trel, Fabolos, The LOX, et al in the future, so enjoy them while you still can.

Wayne is gonna be one of the greats, like Pac and Biggie.

MF DOOM will also become a legend.

Knxwledge is creative, but nowhere near Madlib or Preemo


none of these are unpopular opinions or hot takes at all


what are you talking about, all of these are unpopular or new ideas,

like 2pac not being super lyrical but having emotional impact

thats new and unpopular, right