Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


The man needs to seriously start putting effort into his bars again for me to care about another Kanye album. I don’t mean to trash the guy, but his guest verses have been straight up ruining songs for me lately (Jukebox Joint, tHat Part, Smuckers).


I gotta agree with you here. Kanye’s very talented when it comes to producing but he needs to work on his raps. That one line on tHat part, “Beggars can’t be choosers, bitch this ain’t chipotle” is terrible. Kanye’s got confidence and charisma but that’s only half of it


“I got one child, one child / But I’m fuckin’, fuckin’, fuckin’ like I’m tryna make four more”

Completely takes me out of the song. It’s a shame because that beat is so nice.


for real. like he doesnt have to have super lupe fiasco lyrical bars but at least dont be ruining tracks


Young Thug has the best vocals in all of rap and there isn’t anyone close to him currently. He’s simply a rap titan.


50 cent’s delivery is way too relaxed and almost monotone for his style.


His delivery is practically perfect there though, also I think that verse was genuinely underrated.

“Man everything basic to Ye Guevara
That means Saint Laurent is my Zara
I remember Rochelle ain’t wanna fuck me with the polo
Ay bitch you missed out, hashtag #Fomo

I just think that’s clever and funny, and the line after that is hyped due to his delivery.


anderson paak > michael jackson


I love Kanye but a lot of his recent features have been pretty poor and they feel like they’re there just to put his name on the track. The last kanye feature I actually thought was good was on Smuckers.


I agree with that, I just feel like people hate on one of his few recent features that I actually like. His lyricism has for sure gone to shit, which is usually made up by production, but on tracks that he doesn’t produce he can’t save himself y’know. Jukebox joints was produced by him though, and his verse had it’s own section iirc.


he only produced the last part an its basically the same flip as car service


Run DMC just sounds corny to me, I can appreciate it for how important they were to hip hop history but they still sound like something my granddad would listen to.


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This is a pretty popular opinion isn’t it?


I find futures standalone music drab, almost boring, but all his features i fuck with heavy


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Blank Face LP was weak
Og Maco LP is a 8/10
desiigner > future


Travi$ Scott music isn’t as good as everyone thinks it is


Used to think this. Then I realized his songs were stuck in my head. Then I saw his live performances. Now I’m a stan.


Went to a Travis concert last winter, definitely got my moneys worth