Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


smoking absolute DICK but maxo is really good anyway persona and maxo187>>


LMFAO NAH bruh im not even gonna… acknowledge this but control system is underrated. one of the best tde projects for sure


he absolutely a vulture i was a dickrider lol


this not terrible but Kirk a whole plain jane now, Desiigner did have Outlet which was good and i appreciate him now a bit more, Oxymoron way better than Blank Face, n Colouring Book was just solid i think.

I really like the Joey take cuz like u could apply the whole 90s “biting” description to half of the east coast underground right now so he gets that criticism for no good reason imo


bruh i only heard flockaveli 1.5 and a few singles other than flockaveli i was just talking out of my ass wtf


lol i was right in everything thx esp the rick ross take frfr


To Pimp a Butterfly is, basically, the whitest album ever.


freddie gibbs has the best flow in hip-hop right now

black thought sounds the same on every album


freddie gibbs sounds the same on every album too


This is the unpopular opinion thread, not the fact thread.


never said he doesnt


i like bones.


nav is hella better than most rappers popular rn


i disagree, sir.