Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


you’re right to some extent, but i think keef and future still owe something to his delivery even if they’re not too close lyrically. i think keef’s sound is pretty pervasive, but flocka’s is even less influential on the modern scene than gucci or keef’s sounds.


idk if i said thai already but doris is so much more interesting (tho maybe not as consistent as) as i don’t like shit

specifically i like the beats more but in general doris is a better album to me


if Kendrick was doing what he’s doing now in the 90’s, he’d still be better than almost everybody and would still overshadow his contemapries


Drunk and Hot Girls is a good song


Wait people dislike this song? Why/


Barry Bonds, too


injury reserve is overrated


None of Kendrick’s albums, save Good Kid, are that good.

TPAB is a 7/10 at best, and DAMN is legit mediocre. 5/10 ass album.

1999 is a 10/10, but Joey Bada$$ is one note and not really worth listening to past that tape.

Three 6 Mafia is better than OutKast and it’s barely even a competition between the two.

BONES is the only good Soundcloud rapper.

Binary Star is the only good thing to ever come out of Detroit.

Yung Lean is unironically good.

Your favorite rapper probably sucks.


every single one of these takes is terrible im impressed

except for yung lean he aight i guess, and you half right on joey with him being one note


MF DOOM is just Cam’Ron for nerds.


ppl will excuse anything as long as frank oceans name is on it

kid cudi is still good and speeding bullet 2 heaven was ok

nosaj thing is one of the best producers oat

lofty305 is the greatest artist of all time

lucki needs 2 find a good balance between having a lazy-ish and energetic flow (perfect example of that is ‘difference’)

rick ross is underrated

skepta needs 2 rap on more beats like lean 4 real


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oh sorry thought this was the popular opinions thread


it’s ok honey u ended up posting in the right thread anyway


clipse would be meh without neptunes production its literally more important than the rappers


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this is not that unpopular but i been realizing how corny and lame rtj are :blacyoungsta:

old ass motherfuckers


logic is a good rapper


i was sooooooooooo wrong with this travis take looool


i was wrong about sampha too i was smoking crack