Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


this is unpopular tho. almost everyone I’ve seen talk about this puts Nas ahead of Jay.


seems pretty equal to me but w/e


yeezus is the best kanye album

not mad with that it’s pretty high

tcd overrated




east coast overrated

im hurt by this. jfc. im not a big fan of west coast tho

Young Thug, Kanye, and Kendrick are the only rappers from this generation that will be talked about 30 years from now for music fans

Drake just because of his crossover status, and Young Thug isn’t nearly as popular as the others but maybe it’ll turn into a cult following thing

pump, dex and carti underrated


boom bap needs to die

that hurts too wow

I liked Malibu

did you listen to Yes Lawd? I think I prefer it but both are great

these some brave opinions though I’ll give you credit for that. and I can agree with a decent amount of these takes


Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is the only good solo wutang project.


except for liquid swords is a thing and also supreme clientele and also tical and also ob4cl2 and also fishscale and also ironman and also no said date and also return to the 36 and actually youre banned from this thread until you’ve listened to all the wu tang clan solo projects 36 times each


damn. I love OB4CL but still. The only other ones I really love are Liquid Swords and Ironman though.


chief keef > gucci mane in terms of influence and music


not really a hot take. Finally Rich is a classic and far more influential then anything Gucci has put out. no disrespect to Gucci. hell, waka flocka is arguably more influential. as great as Gucci is, he doesn’t have a defining record that has definitive influence the way Flockaveli and Finally Rich do


lil b > both in terms of influence and music


Kanye is not worth listening to past 808s save MBDTF and some other tracks.


theres a hard drop off in quality but i wouldnt say not worth listening to (outside of tlop that shit butt)


New Kanye>>>>>>>>>>>>Old Kanye
even his weakest project, TLOP, is better than anything old Kanye has put out, with the exception of 808’s
another hot take, Yeezus is the greatest industrial hip hop album of all time, and possibly the greatest hip hop album of all time. he did what Dälek and Death Grips were doing, and perfected it. Yeezus is the only hip hop album I have a 5 stars on in RYM


every time I read one of your comments my urge to kill myself gets only stronger and stronger.




Young Thug’s Jeffrey was boring. Some new ideas shown, but nothing to really carry and have lasting power into today.


this is honestly how I feel about both Jeffery and Beautiful Thugger Girls. He tried new things and it wasn’t bad at all, but neither of them held my attention for more than a couple of days outside of a few songs. I should revisit both of them soon.


if it wasn’t for gucci, keef and flocka wouldn’t even exist.


if it wasn’t for sosa, yachty, uzi, carti, etc. wouldn’t exist
if it wasn’t for flocka x lex luger, trap would be totally different
gucci is just the godfather of everyone that has changed the game (flocka, chief keef, young thug). Jeezy, boosie, T.I. arguably have just as much influence as Gucci


gucci isn’t just the godfather, he actually worked with flocka, keef, thugga, future, flocka, and more and got them into rap on the ground floor before they were even heard of. basically no rapper in recent memory has managed to successfully put that many people on. most big rappers have their proteges but it’s not so common that those proteges become bigger stars than the guys that put them on to begin with. gucci influenced these guys and helped them grow as artists directly. not to mention he also was the first to work with mike will made it and zaytoven, and helped put on metro and 808 mafia too.


you’re 100% right. gucci probably one of the most important rappers in the genre’s history. but I’m talking sonic influence. listen to gucci’s music, and it’s clear that his albums/sound as a whole doesn’t have as many parallels to other rapper in the way Chief Keef and Flocka do. Chief Keef never worked with or brought up Uzi or Carti, but Sosa’s influence on their sound and the genre as a whole is undeniable. same with Flocka
to sum it up, Gucci brought a lot of people up in the game, but his influence on the sound isn’t as prevalent