Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


I think the problem here is that a lot of people use his charges as a means of discrediting his art, as if they're interchangeable. Same for his fanbase too, which I find frustrating (although I'm not that big of a fan of him). Almost every time XXX is brought up, I see people reference his charges and the fact that a substantial part of his fanbase are white teenagers who are fans of anime, as if there is anything wrong with being white, a teenager, or a fan of anime. So what if a certain group of people like his music? I'm wlling to bet a lot of artists have their own special demographics - unless a fan came up to you and spit in your face, I find disregarding an artist just because of their fanbase is a little immature.

Also, Andrew isn't saying that you have to ignore the fact that XXX is a shitty person, I think he feels it's unfair that people have his wrongdoings and musical identity in the same place. You have the right to not listen an artist who happens to be a fucked up person, but what they do in real life and the character they portray in their music are not the same, no matter how "alike" they may seem.


the only reason he was mad was because he was told Drake heard some of his shit and said it was dope than goes on Beats 1 and sayd hes never heard of "that xten guy."


anybody hatin on lil boat here will get KNOCKED OUT with the SCOPE


I think they're both :poop:


vince staples is a better comedian than rapper


lil ugly god is a better rapper than comedian


I agree but I still think he's a damn good rapper


Never seen the big deal about Vince Staples, as a rapper, myself. Always thought he was a good troll tho...


ice cube is a top 5 rapper and one of the GOAT's


macadelic is 2nd best mac miller project

danny brown was better before he tried to be experimental (i still like atrocity exhibition tho)

i listen to more songs off days before rodeo than rodeo but even then travis scott has never really impressed me i dont get the hype tbqh

father isnt the best or even 2nd best musician in awful and i fucking hope this gay ass release 2 songs a week because my twitter audience will get bored "diy rap" trend will die out soon because u cant all be odd future

speaking of i wouldnt care if i ever heard tylers name again and the order of skill level in OF goes1. earl 2. domo 3. syd even tho not rap she is sitll better than tyler


this is true.


Lupe Fiasco is boring and I don't understand how some people say he's one of the GOATs.


even though house of pain is an obvious cypress hill rip off, they're still good.


i stayed quite when you said macadelic was mac's second best project, when you said what you said about father which i somewhat agree with, but disrespecting tyler THE creator? uh uh, no sirEE mister, not on my watch. why dont u take ur no good opinion having bottom, and stick it in your canadian bagged milk.



how can someone who literally CREATED the stuff be so bad at it


malibu would be 100x times better if it was a female vocalist



Take Me To Your Leader is an unfairly overlooked DOOM project
Indigoism is The Underachievers best work
Nas, Jay Z, Biggie and Tupac were actually trash overall
Ab Soul hasnt done anything worthwhile since LTM
Funcrusher Plus is the greatest Hip Hop album of all time




this is supposed to be an unpopular opinion thread, EVERYONE here and on the internet shits on Soulo and its tiring tbh