Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


not sure how unpopular this is but rodeo is incredibly overrated and birds is a lot better


sampha only has one album and its not as good as nostalgia ultra let alone blonde or channel orange smh


Birds might as well be a rodeo b sides. Only a couple good songs on that album


Sampha's album was boring as fuck. He's got a lot of talent but he's still got a long ways to go before I will consider him a good artist.


xxxtentacion is a legit good artist and has a better current discography than half of the freshman from the last 2 years.


Chris Brown has a classic album and even though it isn't better than Usher and R Kelly's best, it still deserves the mention is greatest RnB albums.


das not what that means dum dum

I am not 1:1 comparing all of Franks work to Samphas because by sheer volume he wins and sampha hasnt had a chance to match those albums, but I'm saying he is a better artist which means I think his content standard is better in general to Frank's general standard of work

also blonde was good but overrated


He will probably be on this year's freshman list


i hope not


People always seem to let their feelings about a rapper effect whether or not they can admit the rapper is talented or not. You can be an asshole and still be talented, just look at Kanye. And it seems to only happen to rappers. Nobody questions Axl Rose's place in I history because he's an asshole. XXX is an asshole but at least he's young. He can redeem himself imo. He's still crazy talented.



idk what you mean by that


the fuck how is being an asshole from time to time even comparable to literally beating a pregnant girl, and how is he crazy talented? he really doesn't have anything unique about his style other than screaming and shit that sounds kinda gritty and low-fi

  1. Listen to his shit that isn't noise rap. He's got bars and he's got flow.

  2. I'm not gonna defend what he's been accused of doing, but he's a young dude and it was a crime of passion. I don't think it should ruin the rest of his life. If he stays on that path then fuck him, but in my mind there is a huge difference between an isolated crime you commit when you're young and dumb, and repeated abuse. Hopefully he pays his due and never hits anyone again.


about 1, I did listen to pretty much most of his shit. from run to riot it was mostly just about the same shit. 'sad, heartbreak, angry-yet unmotivated low-fi rap'. and i absolutely fuckin hated most of it. it sounded like every track was unfinished and he's getting fame cos of his appeal to edgy 14 year olds who can relate to his 'sadness'
2. yeah, but there are countless videos of him beatin the shit out of people and he always acts like he's some hot new shit. like with drake 'stealing' his flow he acted like a complete bitch


Idk I've seen bigger redemption stories. I don't like dehumanizing people regardless of what they've done. Dude obviously needs help, and in this country we are so interested in retribution we don't even try to get to the center of the issue anymore. Dude can rap, and obviously is adventurous with his music so I think he has tons of potential. Hopefully he can get right, I don't think demonizing him will help the situation


people aren't demonizing him or dehumanizing him they're just saying they don't want to listen to him

if we were obligated to listen to the music of everyone who we thought qualified as human, i would have no time to do anything else


I constantly see people dehumanizing both him and people in his position. And what qualifies his music as something to listen to is that it's good, which was my original point. He's a talented rapper regardless of how shitty of a person he is.


i have never seen anybody saying or implying that xxx is not human, or anything worse than a shitty person

yeah well there are neo-nazis who make music that is technically "good", excuse me if i don't want to listen to music made by sufficiently shitty people. who the fuck are you to tell me who i have to listen to?


I never said you had to listen. But if you aren't going to listen don't tell me he isn't good. I see the same shit with guys like Bieber and Kanye, people acting like their music sucks because they don't like them. I hate Chris Brown but I won't deny he makes good music.