Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread




I agree with most all of this


Clearly worse than NehruvianDOOM huh? Hey how about you actually listen to Vaudeville Villain more than once and you'll see how it's one of DOOM's best.


Indicud is way overhated, it's a good album


wasn't tryna offend you g


I'm Up! is overhated


It's ok. I wouldn't call it overhated. Honestly I never really hear much about it and IMO that's fair. It's forgettable.


Eminem deserves WOAT status.


I wouldn't even call that noise Kid Cudi do rap...


There are so many shitty Eminem clones out there, are you saying Eminem's worse than all of them?


I would say Insane Clown Posse since they came before him but that's a popular opinion.

So in this case, hell yea he worse than all of them. Never seen the big deal about him myself.


post malone is really overhated, mostly because of his appearence
hollygroove would have been really better as a 2chainz solo album
fuck xxxtentacion keep him locked up
old is very underrated
pink matter is the worst song on channel orange
pete rock & cl.smooth is the best hip hop duo that ever existed
the whole conspiracy shit captain steez was going for was really cringy and well, insane at times.
ski mask sounds like the usual soundcloud trapper. there is pretty much nothing unique about him
lil uzi is really not that bad


runaway is a crappy song off the 2nd worst album in kanyes discography


So the rappers who are exact copies of Eminem but shitter at the technical aspects of rapping are better than him?


capitan steez my fave rapper

agree on old tho i guess


Jesus fucking Christ


Gotta say I agree with most of this. Disagree about Post Malone and Pete Rock/CL Smooth.
And yes, STEEZ's conspiracy shit sounds insane because he probably was.


Nothing was the Same was the last great Drake project. IYRTITL had some good songs but wasn't at the same level


I agree with this, just replace Nothing was the Same with So Far Gone.


Drake isn't a culture vulture and most people are way too conspiratard with "what goes on with the drake camp" like they are mechanized robots tryna monopolize the rap game like Exxon or some shit. Y'all gotta chill.