Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


lmfao you ain't gotta do him like that lmfao


Waka Flocka fell off and will never produce anything close to Flockaveli

See David Southard


infinite was eminem's best album and he fell off right after it


I liked Ab-Soul's These Days.., but probably because it was one of the first 15 hip hop albums that I've listened to, it was a pretty fresh release when I got into hip hop more.

Not as much as an unpopular opinion just more about taste, but I hate Future, Young Thug & Migos, but I like certain trap music and trappy beats.

Section.80 is the best album of Kendrick's and the best album of all time for me.


I don't agree with most points here but they are admirable. What were your thoughts on DWTW? Reasons why you though Sec 80. is his best?


DWTW was pretty nice, but I still need time with that album, as I haven't listened to it that much (IDK whether I like this better or These Days.. yet, as I've had much more listens to These Days.. than DWTW). Favourites would probably be DRUGS, Beat The Case, YMF. And for Section.80 it is the first hip hop album that I listened to ever, and I instantly fell in love with it. Whenever I listen to it, I have feel this certain vibe and atmosphere that I don't normally feel with other Kendrick's albums. Sure, GKMC hits me hard with the story (actually GKMC is my top 2 album all time), and TPAB is simply funky, has some pretty good topics discussed, but it doesn't beat Section.80 for me. When I first heard HiiiPower, I instantly thought that this is some next level stuff, and that song still stands as my favorite for a third year now. There are also no lows in Section 80 IMHO, each song has it's fit in my opinion.


Lmao no. I don't even think I've listened to it.


Wale is underrated as fuck.


Lupe Fiasco is a better rapper than Eminem


He is way better lyrically imho, and ofcourse he made a lyrical masterpiece of a song of 8 minutes length.


Royce Da 5'9" is better than Em.
Ab-Soul is trash.
Schoolboy Q is trash.
Kendrick is ok.
Gucci Mane might have a good "work ethic" but I don't give a shit because he can't hold my attention for a whole project and he has like 400.
Labcabincalifornia is the best thing J Dilla ever did.
Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede have the greatest flows OAT.
Ghostface Killah has been better in the past 5 years than he was during peak Wu-Tang era.
Kool Keith deserves to be brought up in top 5 all time conversations, especially if Rakim is. KK had way more staying power and reinvents his sound constantly.
The Main Ingredient is Pete Rock's best work (not sure if this is that unpopular, I usually just hear people say it's CL's peak)


Lana Del Rey has like 3 good songs from early in her career and the rest is trash.


MM...Food is the best DOOM album
6LACK is a copy of the old Weeknd
Ready To Die > Life After Death
Man On The Moon II > Man On The Moon
The new Tribe album was a 6/10
Views > Thank me Later
HNDRXX is the best album Future ever made
The Predator is Ice Cube's best album.
Niggaz4Life is trash
Eminem is not as bad as people make him out to be, but he did fall off after Eminem Show.
Kiss Land > Trilogy


And that's exactly why I listen to him

People go either way on this, I agree though

I don't think this is controversial at all.

Holy shit. These are good ones.


What is this thread about?


Just what hip hop opinions you have that are unpopular, and people will argue it with you.


The second verse of Pain is Pusha T's best verse in terms of wordplay.


Hate Being Sober is Chief Keef's best song
Ka is a really boring rapper
YG is trash
pop rap =/= trash
lil boat was a good album
danny could have cut at least two tracks from AE

  • Anderson.Paak isn't the all that amazing
  • Under all that "Conscious-Higher Power- 47-Indigo Child-Government is super evil" shit The Underachievers are good
  • Nas is boring
  • The Weeknd has never been that good, his old stuff is just exponentially better than the garbage he puts out now
  • Vaudeville Villain is DOOM's worst project by far. shit shouldnt exist