Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


What’s an unpopular opinion that you have that you would have an open mind about?

Example, Logic bores me because I don’t feel like he has a lot of passion in his music.


To Pimp a Butterfly is the most overrated rap album of all time


chief keef probably the most innovative and influential rapper of this decade


Seconded. Kendrick himself is really overrated. I like the mans music, but people like to tout him as a top-tier lyricist along with Jay and Nas and I couldn’t disagree more. He certainly raps better than most, but there are still many rappers with more technical ability.


Malibu is an 8/10 for me

Kanye is overrated. He makes good music but I feel like his personality is partly why he is so popular

Inspectah Deck is the most underrated member of Wu Tang and one of the most underrated MC’s in general

Jay Z has other lines that are better than the Jackie Robinson line (imo)


I feel you on Deck, definitely way underrated. Shame that RZA’s basement flooded, who knows how good the INS debut would have been smh


If Deck did have a classic album I would have no problem calling him the greatest Wu member. Plenty of people call GZA the best based on the strength of Liquid Swords alone.


I think Method Man and Rae/Deck were the best but Liquid Swords is the best Wu solo that I’ve heard (so far at least).


Method Man is probably my favourite member in terms of just spitting bars, but I really can’t say that any of his solo projects are that good. Even Tical didn’t resonate with me very much.

Liquid Swords has gotta be my favourite Wu album too.


OB4CL and 36 Chambers are very close though. The only Wu solos I’ve heard are Liquid Swords, OB4CL, Ironman and Supreme Clientele though.


Fishscale is another fantastic record by Ghostface. I never hear anything about it anymore, but I thought Wu-Massacre (Meth/Rae/Ghost) was awesome.


I still need to get around to Fishscale. I never knew there was a Meth/Rae/Ghost album, that sounds dope as hell.


You should definitely check out Uncontrolled Substance from Inspectah Deck, really dope shit


I’ll do that too, thanks!


yeah, his personality is part of it, but he’s had two incredibly influential albums.


Tical is weird, it’s unlike anything I have in my library. It’s like an extremely early form of “cloud beat” rap.


He’s been coasting on name-recognition for a few years now. I feel like he’s more focused on using Kardashian advice/influence to stay relevant than anything else. All of his guest verses in the last few years have been crazy bad too.


I don’t think he’s coasting, I think he’s continuing to push his limits and boundaries. He’s more of an “artist” now than he is just a recording artist, so he’ll continue to pursue less rap focused stuff in favor of pushing his artistry. He doesn’t need the Kardashian family to stay relevant, he can do it all on his own.


I agree. He’s a talented and respected artist. I just miss the “Old Kanye”. I’d rather hear another album from him in a MBDTF mindset rather than a TLOP mindset.


i like pablo for what it is an would rather have ye do new shit, but i wished he put mbdtf level focus on his new shit since its lazy. creative but lazy.