GxFR thread


new shit



My favourite verse from him since Vivian at the Art Basel.


[FRESH EP] Benny - 17 Bullets


Goddamn, forgot how heat this beat is.


[new shit]

riots on fashion ave comin 2-10-17




WESTSIDEGUNN x Conway x Spectacular Diagnostics - Tommy Snort



[new shit hoe] banish habitual - solid gold guns ft. conway the machine, supreme cerebral & recognize ali (prod. clypto)

:boom: :boom: :boom: :gun:


"ayyyyyyyyyyyyyo" - westside gunn



WESTSIDEGUNN x Benny :whew:


Mach Hommy is starting to grow on me a great amount. At first his flow (very choppy and reminiscient of MF DOOM) was grating and off putting to me, but it puts a lot of emphasis on certain lines which I like.

A few cuts from his soundcloud that I dig.


[new shit] tristate x oh no - custom ft. hus kingpin, lyric jones & WESTSIDEGUNN

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Mach has been so good, I'm honestly considering buying HBO from him. It's $300 but I'm gonna save for a while maybe, idk if its worth that much lol


[FRESH] Westside Gunn - Don't Trust a Soul


Mach Hommy followed me on twitter and I'm stupid hyped lol. Prob doesn't mean much for him but it made my day




WSG, Conway & Daringer interview with B-Real


that gas had conway a mess in the back seat :dilla:


WESTSIDEGUNN x mach-hommy x conway - gold pots (prod. daringer)