Good Music Thread [hiphop is for losers]


Couldn’t find any other thread like this so fukkit

Here’s some shit I like:


who here

has good


like me




excellent post


Shoegaze Black Metal exists and it’s amazing


Velvet Underground and Nico is a great album, Venus in Furs is an amazing song


formally called Blackgaze, if you like that check out Alcest


the first 4 tracks are so dope, the rest of the album is pretty alright


I know you didn’t do Heroin dirty like that, ooooweee


Genre name sounds like a klan term from the 60s but I’ll peep.


Turning this into a punk thread to make shit more interesting (also so I have an excuse to post hardcore/post-hardcore shit exclusively)

(this last one is folk punk and you cannot tell me otherwise)


I watched Green Room so yeah, I kinda know what I’m talking about.


>My Chemical Romance


ya mcm don’t even listen to mcr



Oh non je t’en prie, nous ne sommes pas chez nous


get this fucking devil music off of our wholesome hiphop board


>When you're not racist