General Music Share Thread 2.0


This is a thread for sharing non hip-hop stuff you think people may like, “recommended if you like…” type things and whatever miscellaneous music you want to share with the forum.

here we go

The Temper Trap

Alternative/Indie Rock

Australian band that had a huge amount of success locally off this hell of a track Sweet Disposition (YouTube).
Since then they’ve released three albums with the most recent coming out this year Thick As Thieves (Spotify). I saw them last night and they put on a great show-I don’t know a lot of technical terms for music but the lead vocalist (Dougy) has incredible vocal control.

Songs to check out:
Sweet Disposition
Fall Together

enjoy hombres hmu for more like this if you interested


wait what’s the difference between this and the old one


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I saw this dude the other week and he is kind of like a Summer Matt Corby.
His name is Angus Stone of Angus and Julia Stone fame and this is a little project of his.
Lot’s of summer-y, friendly story telling paired with some atypical intstrumentals and an overall vibe.

The project is called Dope Lemon and the album, titled ‘Honey Bones’ can be found on Spotify.

Here are some samples if you’re interested:
Uptown Folks

hmu for more like this

also idc if im the only one who posts here screw you all


#Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

American Indie Rock

[Desire Lines] (
[Revival] (

[Youtube] (
[Spotify] (


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Thought I’d try to revive this thread.

The Skins

Super dope RnB band from New York with a great female MC/singer. They’ve only released one EP, but it’s already has made me really excited for what they’re going to do next. I can imagine them becoming really big.




Tiken Jah Fakoly - African Revolution

Ivorian Reggae

Political War
Marley Foly


s/o africa



The Boy Who Cried Wolf

He dropped young as the morning old as the sea last year and it was in my top 5 non hip hop projects for sure. If you like chill/mellow English folk music (I don’t really but I like this guy for some reason) then give it a listen.

Stream Links


is that the Let Her Go dude?


#Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery (1979)

Very good disco-flavored pop rock. If you like that late 70s radio sound this is a pretty good listen. Short and full of hits.



Yeah. That’s by far his biggest song (That song has 612 mil on spotify, next biggest has 40 mil) so don’t judge him by that.


#James Vincent McMorrow - True Care

Examples :


Ryo Fukui - Scenery

Japanese Jazz


s/o asia omar around the world pt. 2


Everyone should listen to this two-song Afrobeat album called Why Black Man Dey Suffer by Fela Kuti:

It’s a masterpiece.


i sampled this shit soooo many times good to see other people know bout it lol


Ryo fukui is some iconic shit


texas meth making music. Southerners only


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white trash music tbfh