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i would cop this album for sure


lets make this happen bro


hoodlum (ft. T.I., Freddie Gibbs)
touch (fT. RIHANNA)
swap meet (FT. punch, scHoolboy q, eazy e)
the code
police (ft. yg, pusha t)
flowers (FT. Anderson paak)




  1. ENTER THE LORDS [prod. Ikemefuna]
  2. RALPH LAUREN (feat. Retchy P, Da$H) [prod. Dame Dash]
  3. BUCK 50 [prod. Ikemefuna, Roc Marciano]
  4. BREADBOX BASHING (feat. Westside Gunn, Conway tha Machine, Mach-Hommy) [prod. Daringer]
  5. BURGUNDY CORDUROY [prod. Alchemist]
  6. BASQUIAT [prod. Daringer]
  7. 5TH [prod. Ikemefuna]
  8. (BONUS TRACK) ROBBED NAKED (feat. Guilty Simpson, MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, Royal Flush, Roc Marciano) [prod. Madlib]
  9. (BONUS TRACK) FABLED (feat. Sean Price, Big L) [prod. Ikemefuna]
  10. (BONUS TRACK) PANDA SKIMASK (feat. Capital Steez) [prod. Kirk Knight]

Track 5 would be Alchemist remixing an old J-Dilla beat, not sure which one though.
Tracks 9 and 10 would use old verses recorded by all three. RIP




I like it, that font is hard to read tho


YG x YG Hootie x Yo Gotti - Organized Bonfusion (2015)

  1. LA 2 Tennessee (YG x YG Hootie x Yo Gotti)
  2. You Getting Bonfused? (YG)
  3. High As Yuri Gagarin (Yo Gotti feat. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J)
  4. Yes Guys, I still exist (YG Hootie)
  5. Who Am I (What's My Name) (YG x YG Hootie x Yo Gotti feat. Snoop Dogg)
  6. Yum, (Vegan) Grits! (YG Hootie x Yo Gotti feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
  7. Young Gunz (YG x Yo Gotti feat. Young Thug & Corey Gunz)
  8. Why Would Anyone Do This (Hannibal Burress skit)
  9. Youth Group (Yo Gotti feat. R. Kelly & Afrika Bambaataa)
  10. Yamaha Guitars (YG Hootie feat. Lil Wayne & Kevin Rudolph)
  11. Yo Gonna Run Out of Ideas Soon, Lets Just Make That Into A Song (YG x YG Hootie x Yo Gotti)

So this is a collaborative mixtape like Rich Gang: Tha Tour (Pt. 1). It's 2am, no idea why I did this.


In the year 2030, Kanye West comes out of retirement to reveal that he has spent all of these long years recording an album about pleasuring himself. It sounds like shitty, shitty Soundcloud rap from the mid-2010s, but Kanye has been sealed in hermetic isolation for many years and doesn't realized how dated it is, so he surprise drops it on Tidal anyway.

Kanye West - Untitled

  1. Touch The Shaft (feat. Lil Dicky)
  2. Father Sanitize My Hands Pt. 1
  3. Homecumming
  4. Fapstyle 4
  5. Rub Slow (feat. Viper, Hopsin & 22 Savage)
  6. Jesus Wanks (feat. J. Cole)
  7. Skeet Lights
  8. Lube Lockdown
  9. Hold My Pecker (feat. Slim Jesus)
  10. Big Boner
  11. Fapping Lights
  12. Cumaway (feat. Riff Raff, Lil B, Lil Yachty & Soulja Boy)
  13. Peenochio Story (Freestyle Live From Kanye's Basement)
  14. 18 unedited minutes of Kanye West performing unspeakable acts involving a T-shirt cannon, 12 live toads, old Playgirl magazines, and a peanut butter jar

The critical circle instantly recognizes that Kanye West is clearly totally using masturbation as a metaphor for his current self-isolation and the tortures of (gasp) being a celebrity in the modern era. Pitchfork awards it Best New Music every week for the next 6 years, Fantano declares it to be very relatable (soft 10), and all of the basement dwellers on r/HHH rejoice at finally having anthemic songs about their daily lives that they can relate to as well. The New York Times declares that... "There is a lot of powerful figurative language on this album... Kanye West's newest effort is a master stroke." and The Rolling Stone states that "The album is so full of gripping sadness that... listeners will surely feel compelled to reach for a Kleenex." It is dubbed a beautiful and thrilling symbolic retrospective on the sound and style of the 2010s, with Kanye rapping almost exclusively in chopped-and-screwed auto-tuned triple-time flow with a Jamaican / Russian hybrid accent. Almost nobody wants to admit that this album is the worst shit that's ever touched their ears.

Shoutouts to @Mickjenkins and @Syriuzly for helping me with some of the track names


GOAT imo tbqh ngl


Lang- Reservations
Alternative R&B, Dream pop, Hip hop music


Reservations is Lang's debut project set in the year 2017. After a cold February in his dimly -lit dorm room, Lang found himself without inspiration. He has almost completely given up on his dreams of crafting music until he watched a pirated copy of American Psycho. The concept of the album is if Patrick Bateman told his story through music. The lines are extremely blurred between Lang and Bateman's story on this moody ep.


Lang is propelled into super stardom. Anthony Fantanno gives the project a light 8 and Myke C-Town calls the project a blassic.


1 Routine
2. News
3. Murder and Acquistions
4. Business Cards
5 Video Tapes
6. Paul Allen
7. Stuntin on my Axes
8. Harvard Club Interlude
9. Dorsia
10. Reservations


would like this if i didnt hate american psycho


Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V (2017)

Explanation: Set in the year 2017, Lil Wayne's Highly anticipated forthcoming album, Tha Carter V, finally sees a November release after Cash Moneys disbanding at the hands of the CIA. Fueled by years of delay, frustration, and his newly sober lifestyle, Wayne snaps out of his drug addiction to bless his fans with a 20 song album entirely produced by Mannie Fresh.

1. Soar In
2. Sorry 4+1 The Wait
3. Stuntin Like My Biological Father
4. Who The Fuck Did I Decide To Put On Young Money (feat. Limp Bizkit)
5. Professor Carter
6. Only Thing On The Menu Is Pussy
7. All My Children (feat. Nivea & Lauren London)
8. Judge Carter
9. IDK None These Niggas Are But Its Lit! (feat. Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage & Lil Uzi Vert)
10. Fuck Pusha T (This Time I Got Bars For His Ass)
11. Nurse's Assistant Carter
12. Shyne C4 Redemption Verse
13. Lil Chuckee's Interlude
14. Fuck No Malice Too (feat. Drake)
15. Boolin In Tha Butt (feat. YG, Cake$ da Killa)
16. Birdman A Hoe Ass Nigga (Ima Smack Him Like Da Bitch He Is)
17. Father Stretch My Lifespan (feat. Kanye West)
18. Who Shot Me (Lil Wayne Diss)
19. Shoulda Signed With Hov (Jay-Z Apology Track)
20. Soar Out

Wayne builds hype with singles "Stuntin Like My Biological Father" and "Birdman A Hoe Ass Nigga" which debut at #1, revealing secrets about his former record labels shady business operations in an unapologetic fashion. The tracks succeed in setting the forums on fire and making YouTube commenters lose their will to write about how Eminem is better. The album drops and includes songs like "Who The Fuck Did I Decide To Put On Young Money" which his portray self realizations and address his questionable choices during his lean addiction in a more conscious than ever approach. Music fans all around praise the self proclaimed Pussy Monster for dropping the most influential piece of art in the following 50 years. The globally recognized Best rapper alive keeps the album interesting with a star studded tracklist that makes no disappointments and sees everyone lay career defining verses backed with "Fuck Cash Money" and "You Not My Dad!" ad-libs aimed at his adoptive father Birdman. The record is so beautiful it causes him to leave leaked voicemails on Wayne's home phone asking him to

"come back to daddy, I miss you playbwa. 1 hunnid Blee dat. PRRRR.."

The album is so well recieved that it wins Weezy the first ever Grammy you can perform oral sex on. Fantano says it's the only record worth listening to and even goes as far as giving it a light 7. Deciding that no one should go without hearing this the U.N. has C5 translated in every language for all to experience. With the whole world listening the critical acclaim gets to Wayne's head as he attempts to capitalize on his success with a Christian rock album titled "Reborn", only to be left in the dust in first week sales by Troy Ave. landing him in prison for inability to reach his child support payments.


Quality, "Boolin' in the Butt" made me laugh a lot


Run The Jews - RTJ88 (2021)

White Power Rap, Braggadocios Hip Hop

Run The Jewels, the politically charged rap duo of Killer Mike and El-P, spoke on the progressive issues of blacks facing institutional racism and corruption of US politics for the majority of their careers together. After the 2020 Election where presidential candidate and second time runner Bernie Sanders loses to Chelsea Clinton, and Rick and Morty is canceled after peak interest is lost and it is no longer reddit-core, Run The Jewels sees a decline in support and no longer feels obligated to forward their progressive message. Run The Jewels announces on their twitter account that they are no longer endorsing progressive ideals and pledge their allegiance to white supremacy, the KKK, and the American Nazi Party. Run The Jewels change their name to Run The Jews and Killer Mike changes his name to Grand Wizard KKKiller Mikkke promptly. They also then announce they will be releasing a final record, RTJ88.


  1. Race War When?
  2. Oh My Darling Don't Cry (New Holocaust Remix)
  3. Nuremburg, GA
  4. Hey Maybe Donald Trump Was Right (Ft. RZA, Azealia Banks and Yelawolf)
  5. You Need To Go Back
  6. My Struggle
  7. Old Slaves (Ft. Kanye West)
  8. I Miss The Good Ol' Days (Ft. Ice Cube, Eminem)
  9. Fucking Globalists (Ft. Alex Jones)
  10. My Good Friend, Jim Crow
  11. Don't Use Jewish Banks (Ft. Macklemore)
  12. Thanks, Obama
  13. Blockbuster Night Pt. 3

After Release

This album was a complete shock to everyone, tying Views Pt. 2 for worst record of all time. It was given sweeping zeroes from DEHH, Pitchfork, Complex, and many others. But the album was a hit with older Republican folks and Anthony Fantano, who gave it a 9, citing " I only like it because of the instrumentals". RTJ retired following the release, Grand Wizard KKKiller Mikkke continued his operations within the ANP and the KKK. El-P continued his career, forming another duo through Adult Swim with Kid Rock.


what the fuck

ok dis nazi


did nazi this coming


The Philosophy of Supplication - Well Being Without Proper Darkness

edit: pic



1. Hold Up, This is Your Pilot Speaking (Intro)
2. Rollin' in Yo Bitch (feat. Adele)
3. Free Blurryface (feat. Gucci Mane)
4. 21-gun Recruit (Police Brutality Diss)
5. Pilot Talk (Skit feat. Curren$y )
6. 21st Century Schizoid Men (feat. Robert Fripp)
7. If Young Tyler Don't Trust You (prod. Metro Boomin)
8. Fueled By Ramen Cypher (feat. Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, 3OH!3, Fun. and Fall Out Boy)
9. Stressed Out Remix (feat. Future and Drake)
10. (We Hope You've Enjoyed) Your Flight with Savage Airways (Outro)

After much criticism of Twenty-One Pilots' sub-par rapping and mediocre hip-hop influenced tracks, the duo decides to release a collab album with a popular up-and-coming rapper. The only problem is they know nothing about hip-hop (as evidenced in their music), so they base their choice off the 2016 XXL Freshmen Cypher. They're not very impressed with it until 21 Savage comes in with his signature ad-lib "21,21,21,21,21,21." From there, their minds are made and they get in contact with him. After a disappointing debut album, 21 Savage is eager to do anything he can to get work, despite having never heard of Twenty-One Pilots.
The album is something of an concept album. It takes place on a flight of the fictional airline Savage Airways. 21 Savage and Tyler Joseph take the role of the pilots and Josh Dun takes the role of the flight attendant.
The album is a huge success at release. Anthony Fantano gives it a light 21 and it ends up at the top of many critics' best albums of 2017 list. It also introduces millions of edgy teens to hip-hop. With this new change of audience, previously overlooked rappers become popular and Emo Hip-Hop replaces Trap as the most popular sub-genre of hip-hop for the rest of the 21st Century.


Kendrick Lamar - Calicutta (2019)

Hindi-hop, Indian influenced rap

After one of the most defining and influential albums of the 2010s and arguably the 2000s in To Pimp a Butterfly and a series of small projects in Untitled Unmastered, the Democrips and Rebloodicans EP, and a few others, Kendrick Lamar is stuck in a rut creatively. So he takes a movie-esque leave to India to "discover himself" according to Schoolboy Q's snapchat (hoovaq) , in which he then promptly cracks a joke about masturbation. Kendrick returns to America in a completely different mindset and begins to craft an album, with samples and sounds he found in the bustling streets of India.

  1. Indus Valley
  2. Head Wobble To Da Beat (Prod. Madlib)
  3. Kushmir (Ft. Wiz Khalifa, Smoke Dza, and Curren$y)
  4. Gangja In The Ganges (Ft. Snoop Dogg and Devin The Dude)
  5. Gupta Vs. The World
  6. We Made It To B/Hollywood (Ft. Anderson .Paak )
  7. Gandhi's Manifest (Interlude)
  8. Butter Chicken With Yams (Ft. Schoolboy Q and A$ap Yams)
  9. Are We Cattle Or Men (Ft. Ab-Soul)
  10. Spice (Prod. Madlib)
  11. The Caste System
  12. CaliCutta (Ft. DJ Quik, MC Eiht, Vince Staples)
  13. Cowplop On Your Avenue (BONUS) (Ft. Lil Uzi Vert, J Cole and Lil Poopy)

Because of the years of stagnant production in music, Kendrick Lamar is not where he used to be in the public eye. His album comes as a complete shock to everyone, and reignites his career. This album changed the western outlook on eastern ideals, it sparked a revolutionary shift in hip-hop culture to make the subgenre of Hindi-hop a legitimate sound and was nearly named best album of the decade a year later, only to be usurped by Hopsingoat the week before the Grammys. The only person who didn't like this album was Anthony Fantano, who cited that "It wasn't experimental enough" and gave it a 6 out of ten, soon sparking a deadly riot outside of his residence.