4 Your Eyez Only


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I know there's a lot of hate for Cole but he's definitly in my top 5 and I'm really excited for this.


same here man, i needed new material to fall asleep. kendrick aint cuttin it lately


I feel like he's gonna try to make an "important" album. Gonna be pretentious fuck and maybe even get critical praise. J. Cole deniers, protect yourselves, shit's about to get serious up in here. Hopefully it has some features on it, at least.

Notable replies we outchea

I'm excited for this, I liked Forest HIlls.


best songs on fhd were a tale of 2 citiez and wet dreamz

but wet dreamz >>


this is gonna be better than FHD, i can feel it :whew:



but wasn't born sinner supposed to be his important album?

after all, he tried 2 redeem himself in the eyes of THE GREAT NAS plus he said that it's way darker this time.