2020 - Bedroom Hip Hop (boombap)


Title says it all. Here to drop off a couple links. I go by Qwaint. Im originally from Newgrounds but the Hip Hop scene there isnt too good. They do have an active community though, but its mostly EDM there.

Wondering why the site is so dead? Shouldnt it be more popular than this?

Anyway if your into rap and beats I got some of that. Its all on my SoundCloud.

The sound is underground and can vary from jazz. Overall its all pretty mellow.

My email is qwaintvibes@gmail.com

Rap: https://soundcloud.com/qwaintvibes/22-pointers-of-dedication-prod-shungu-2019-rap

Beat: https://soundcloud.com/qwaintvibes/lavender-moon-2016-beat

  • Qwaint