2019 Rap Atlas



Pigeons & Planes | Hipster Core

Bandcamp Daily | Indie Core

Pitchfork’s Rap Album Reviews | Gatekeeping Core

Pitchfork’s The Ones | Ditto

HYPEBEAST | Supreme Core

ElevatorMag Music | Ditto

ElevatorMag Videos | Ditto

FakeShoreDrive | Chicago

HipHopSince1987 | Hello, Fellow Kids

HotNewHipHop Songs | Xbox Live Core

HotNewHipHop Mixtapes | Ditto

Thizzler | Bay Area

DatPiff | The Great Equalizer

WorldstarHipHop | Hood Gone Love It


WorldstarHipHop | Hood Gone Love It

DatPiff | The Great Equalizer

Genius’ VERIFIED Series | Trend Hopping

HYPE | Supreme Core

Perfect Plug | Ditto

Thizzler on the Roof | Bay Area

Mike Sherm | Bay Area

Lyrical Lemonade | Adam22 Core

SUN TZU | Griselda Core

ELEVATOR | Supreme Core

Clout Rising Playlist | Algorithm Core


Most Played Tracks This Week

Lucas Foster’s Abyss Mixes for PassionofWeiss














Where do you guys look for new music? I’ll add it up top.


damn this is crazy cool

the only one i have to add is www.thecratedig.com which iirc was created by hhh users

edit: actually this hasn’t been updated since october do not add it


I use RYM and the weekly New Music thread on r/HHH


I also use RYM sometimes. Fun to look through artists’ “Appears On” for their collabs with lesser known rappers.


this is huge man good looks


the wshh website is better cos not everything is posted 2 the main utube channel


dope list but where the heck is Genius Instagram page???


I added their Verified series under YouTube. That seems to be where they put on newer artists most often.


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